Chasing Rainbows, from Linda Oaks

The Book Adventures of Annelise Lestrange

Hello, guys! In the end of July, I received from sweet and dear Linda Oaks her new book, Chasing Rainbows, in exchange for an honest review. Thanks again, Linda! The moment is here, so here we go 😀

From my Instagram account :) From my Instagram account 🙂

Chasing Rainbows tells us the story of Addison Hayes, a seventeen-year-old girl that lost her older sister, Natalie, in a car accident three years ago. Addie is somewhat stable in the beginning of the book, but still suffers a lot with depression, even after lots of therapy and counseling, and keeps a secret that no one ever knew: she auto-mutilates herself.

The story officially begins at the start of her freshman year and two new students threaten the little piece of mind that Addie has: Chase and Chance Logan, identical twins that shake her up, each one in a way. Both start a sick competition for…

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