*Review* Chasing Rainbows by Linda Oaks

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Title: Chasing Rainbows Author: Linda Oaks Genre: New Adult Publisher: Blue Tulip Publishing When Addison Hayes world was turned upside down, she found herself spiraling into a darkness that not even her two best friends were aware of. With the start of her senior year, Addie finds herself entangled in a twisted game with brothers, Chase and Chance Logan, which leaves her feeling lost and confused. But sometimes out of complete chaos arises a blindingly blessed insight. That insight goes by the name of Jake Riley. Jake doesn’t scare easily. No matter how hard… Continue reading *Review* Chasing Rainbows by Linda Oaks

Chasing Rainbows, from Linda Oaks

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Hello, guys! In the end of July, I received from sweet and dear Linda Oaks her new book, Chasing Rainbows, in exchange for an honest review. Thanks again, Linda! The moment is here, so here we go 😀 From my Instagram account 🙂 Chasing Rainbows tells us the story of Addison Hayes, a seventeen-year-old girl that lost her older sister, Natalie, in a car accident three years ago. Addie is somewhat stable in the beginning of the book, but still suffers a lot with depression, even after lots of therapy and… Continue reading Chasing Rainbows, from Linda Oaks

The Significance of the Rainbow 

         According to Wikipedia, “a rainbow is a meteorological phenomenon that is caused by reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in water resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky. Rainbows by sunlight appear in the section of the sky directly opposite the sun.”     This is the scientific explanation for a beautiful natural occurrence.     The rainbow also represents a promise from God that He would never destroy the earth with a flood again. It also serves as a reminder of that promise.      I’ve always held a fascination with rainbows. … Continue reading The Significance of the Rainbow