Book Reviews And Turning Over A New Leaf


Hi Everyone! 

It’s been a while since my last blog post. I wanted to share with you the reviews I’ve received so far for Chasing Rainbows. If you loved the last book you’ve read, please leave a review. The book market is competitive. It’s tough. So, help spread the word by telling the world how great you think the book you just read was. Believe me, the author will be grateful. I, for one, always look at the reviews of a book before purchasing. As an author, I realize now that I’ve probably missed out on a lot of wonderful books as a reader by choosing my books this way. I’ve decided to be open minded. I’ve decided to be daring. Starting today, I will be turning over a new leaf and also reading books that have no reviews. Well as soon as I get the time to start reading again. Right now, I am currently writing and trying to promote Chasing Rainbows

At this time, I would like to thank everyone who took the chance on a new author and read Chasing Rainbows. You all are awesome! Thank you! Everyone who left a review, thank you for the feedback. I really appreciate it. I read each one. 

Below are the reviews, I’ve received so far for Chasing Rainbows. You can find these reviews posted on Amazon. 

By Pages Abound
Format:Kindle Edition

Linda Oaks is to be congratulated for creating a story that captures the struggles of a young adult who is dealing with loss, finding her identity, and questioning her self-worth, all while trying to maintain hope and navigate the intricacies of relationships. Her ability to write vividly in order to appeal to the emotional side of the reader is excellent, and she harnesses the adolescent thinking of the characters well. I loved Addie and the strength she possessed, even when she felt weak. And Jake? Well, he captured my heart!

I was given an ARC for my honest review. 
By Shaunna

Format:Kindle Edition

When Addie starts her senior year everything might seem fine on the outside but on the inside she’s dying. After loosing her sister, it isn’t easy to move on, especially with absent parents. When Addie thinks she could be happy she gets caught up in a twisted game with the twins, Chase and Chance. When she’s left without any answer’s from them she finds comfort in Jake. Jake has liked Addie for awhile now but will her darkest secret having him running away too?

By CC Ravanera

Format:Kindle Edition

When you find yourself a good book, you just consume it in a matter of hours. That was what happened with me reading Chasing Rainbows by Linda Oaks.

It told of a troubled girl named Addie who was struggling to deal with traumatic events which happened in her life and the coping mechanisms she stumbled into to prevent herself from completely losing it. Mental health issues are such a touchy subject to tackle since most people are just not that well-informed so they react negatively towards it.
I applaud Linda Oaks for managing to convey an honest view about mental health and also by giving an accurate description of a troubled young woman. The emotions in the story were so raw that I felt like I was sharing them with the characters rather than being a mere spectator. Addie’s pain was so real I ached for her throughout the book.
Thankfully though, it’s not all about hardship. We see love and support from true friends…and we see Jake. I am more than a little in love with Jake. He’s just…divine. I’ll stop there. Side note to Linda: Don’t forget to send me the deleted scenes for *cough* research *cough* 
My only issue with the book was that I wanted to see more of the twins. I feel like there’s more to them than meets the eye: another pair of troubled teens. Hopefully, Miss Oaks will give us another peek into their lives.
All in all a very good read, I finished the book with a contented smile on my face and a light-hearted feeling one only gets from reading a well-written book. I’ve stopped following romance for a while now…I think I’ve just been converted back!

By Christy

Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Couldn’t put down this page turner. Emotions ran strongly on each page. The author dares to mention dealing with those emotions in different ways. Each page carried details that made me inside the book with the characters. Will be following this new author!

By dc

Format:Kindle Edition

at the start of her freshman year addison hayes world is tragically turned upside down,she finds herself spiralling into darkness of destructive habits three years later she’s still battling ghosts of her past.start of her senior year addie entangled twisted game between twin brothers Chase & chance Logan.their path of destruction leave an already tormented girl feeling even more lost & confused until jake Riley comes on scene he’s like no other guy addie has ever met before he doesn’t scare easily unfortunately for addie Jake wants her darkness & all will jake be able to bring addie out of darkness into the light set herself free ? Loved storyline was emotionally heartfelt struggles of mental health which men & women suffer from was beautifully written well done linda oaks.

By Danielle from A Cup and A Book

This review is from: Chasing Rainbows (Kindle Edition)

I was given an ecopy in exchange for an honest review.

This book had so much potential, but ultimately I was disappointed. The love interests were not well developed, making it hard to lose myself in the story.
I will say that the man character, Addie, is very well developed and it was easy to appreciate her as an MC.
There are a lot of holes in the storyline, and I think that if the gaps had been filled more I would have loves this book.
Chasing Rainbows wasn’t bad, please don’t take it that way… I just found it, well, lacking.
By Jackie Allen

This review is from: Chasing Rainbows (Kindle Edition)

I give this book five stars because I could not put it down! I usually don’t read this genre of book but the underlying plot was great and kept me interested to the last word!

By Abbie

This review is from: Chasing Rainbows (Kindle Edition)

Romance is not really my thing but I highly love all the twists and turns in this book. It grabbed my attention and it takes a lot for me to get that into a book! I liked Addie, but favorite characters would have to be the twins Mia and Miley. I found the book quite funny and well written. Can’t wait to see what this Author comes up with next.

By Louise Gross  

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

I really enjoyed reading this book. It touched on a lot of issues that many people deal with everyday. I loved reading about Addie. She was such a strong and brave young lady. I will be buying this book in hardback copy. I am looking forward to reading more books by Linda Oaks. Chasing Rainbows is a treasure.

Until next time, take care and as always “Happy Reading!”

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